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Morning Prayer Light of the Aeon, splendour of the First Thought, hidden within the folds of the dark, I greet you with this dawn. Pleroma of Glory, in your boundless radiance, I bask, yearning for the wisdom you bestow, acknowledging the spark of divine within my mortal frame. With the break of the dawn, so too does the Light within awaken, protected by the vestige of your wisdom, I navigate the stark path of the mortal realm. Knower of the Endless Immensity, the divine and the profound, illuminate my path, guide me throughout the day and throughout my life. Allow your light to pierce the veils of ignorance, enveloping me in the cloak of the Gnosis, give me strength to face my daily trials and tribulations in the name of the truth that seeks to free us. May your radiance guide and guard me. For each moment is a whisper of divinity, every breath, a testament of your grace. In your ever-present luminescence, the darkness retreats, in the awareness of the divine, the chains of ignorance are broken. Until the twilight comes and the journey of the day finds its end, I bear the torch - the light of wisdom, love, and understanding. In the name of the Father of Greatness, the Twin, and the Living Spirit, I offer my heart, my mind, my soul. All praise and honour to the everlasting Light. Amen.


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